Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Wasssattt? Oh, its my sad poetry juice.. it's made out of the tears of vampires.

hahahaha, hello bloggy. :3

um, I have no idea what the title's about. I was looking through all my unpublished posts, and there was one from January 2009 that was literally just that, with no explanation. So I thought you could have it, like, now. I'm sure you're very pleased about this.

- wait, what, Dani? You're on blogger? BLOGGING?
- why, yes, Imaginary reader. I certainly am.
- but.. but you never do that! You haven't spoken to us since APRIL, and then it was just you telling us how to make some cakes we don't even care about. Heck, we haven't had a proper blog post from you since December! That was almost a year ago. You just don't love us any more.
- ...well, it is quite difficult to love someone who doesn't exist. But look, I'm back now, isn't that all that matters? isn't it?
- I suppose. BUT WHY ARE YOU HERE?
- Hazel was talking about blogs. It.. sparked a blog-writing-urge.


UHH, moving on. I'm feeling kind of ill today, I think the.. the.. that ^.. is proof of the fact that I am potentially quite delirious. GOODTIMES.
Right, so, uhhh.. what's actually happened in 2010? I guess I should, y'know, actually tell you what happened, rather than asking you. That would probably make more sense. That's what I'm here for, right?



uhhh. I started off the year in the Isle of Wight, at Dean's house. Dean, at the time, being my ex-but-maybe-also-not-ex-but-really-ex boyfriend. Not at all confusing, or anything. Then I promptly went home, making him officially just 'ex-boyfriend'. as y'do. Then it snowed, and I took pictures of this snow. Which I then proceeded to post upon this here blog for your viewing pleasure.
...then I had a psychology re-sit exam.
that's pretty much everything that happened.


it was Cat's 18th Birthday, so we went out for a meal to Moco's, and I watched Caitlin, Cat, Andy and Will down tequila shots with worms in them. Also, I had a job interview, which I failed horrendously at, because I tend to fail horrendously at job interviews. There were probably more photos. I'm pretty sure I updated this blog with those, too. Also, we did some filming on a train that involved me generally acting like a retard and watching as the guy in the seat opposite me completely failed to acknowledge my existence. s'about it.


Uhhhm, we went and took a bunch of photos atop the kymin, which were, I believe, the very last photos I posted on this here bloggy. I retrieved my results from the psychology re-sit, in which I got 100%. chyeah. I went to university open days in Cardiff (which I loved), Exeter (which was alright, I guess) and Glasgow (Which I loved even more than Cardiff, but had to concede that I didn't so much love how far away it was from EVERYTHING). Oh, and I got my hair cut. Which is actually worth mentioning, purely because I haven't had a hair cut since March. Jesus. mental.


Oho, completely uncharted territory here. I think I spent most of April procrastinating, and babysitting, and watching DOCTOR WHO OH MY GOD HOW HAD I BEEN MISSING OUT ON DOCTOR WHO FOR SO LONG ASHKJFGHSDKJGHSD. Also, it was Hazel's birthday, for which I made cake. and then posted about this cake, in this blog. yeah. Also, I began to be obsessed with Newton Faulkner. There are actually some PHOTOS for April, so I guess you can have those a'here.


...was, I think, somewhat more eventful. Hazel and I planted a BEGONIA HANK for Hanko De Mayo, and as a result, appeared somewhere around the 8:30 mark of this video. Also, I started to talk to Ben more. There was a big ol' election which I couldn't vote in because I was 17, and apparently everyone in my year voted Lib Dem. Which turned out oh-so-well, y'know. I would've voted Labour, dammit. Then I had a Welsh Oral Exam, which I didn't fail, much to my surprise. Hazel and I went to the fair, and I acquired a lot of fair-toys which I left in M-town. I developed a fairly extreme obsession with Wheatus. Then it was leavers, so I officially finished school, and then there was the leavers' reception. Followed by the SPOONS. Which was an interesting night, to say the least. I was introduced to Dan, and spent all night following him around being like 'haaiiii :3 I don't know anyone else, so, uh, teach me how to socialise? cheers.' ..the teaching-dani-how-to-socialise mission is one that he is still attempting, and failing, to undertake, by the way. HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS FOR MAY.


..was very much a month of exams. Terrifying, terrifying exams. I spent a fair amount of time revising - certainly more than I've ever done before - and even more time than that procrastinating like crazy. I went to a Wheatus concert with Ben in Cardiff Barfly, which was awesome, although the support acts were.. questionable.. at best. Also, Barfly has now closed down, and I often find myself walking past it and going '...oh. :('. I had a mega-crazy exam clash which meant being kept in iii-soooohhh-laaaayy-shuuuunnnn overnight to avoid cheating. Then it was MY turn to have an 18th birthday, which I did.. and I celebrated it by having a nice Classics Roman Britain exam. Which I pretty much bombed. Then I went out for a meal with my family, aaand then Hazel, Caitlin, Nat, Dan, Steve and I went to Spoons (with three of the members of this party being quietly smuggled in, due to their underage-ness.) Then it was back to EXAMS. Here are some June-y photos.


was FREEDOOOMMMM. I suddenly found myself with vast expanses of time, and nothing to do with said time. I spent much of July attempting to take photos for Shoot Nations, which is the photography competition I won a prize in last year. I'm sure you'll see some of those photos if you just continue reading to the end of this paragraph. I had a job interview in Greggs, which actually resulted in a job in Greggs - starting at the very end of July. Money! I also went to the Carnival with Ben, George and Ju, and then Hazel, Cat and I spent the rest of July going to at least part of Monmouth festival every night.


was a crazy busy and eventful month, by my standards, at least. Aussie Guy came over for two weeks, arriving on the first of August, so we spent a lot of time driving him around the country, showing him doctor-who-related things and castles. (and by 'we spent a lot of time driving' I mean 'Hazel drove and I sat there'.) We went to the doctor who exhibition in Cardiff, to Raglan Castle, to Stonehenge, and to Bath, amongst other things. In between all these crazy events, I spent a lot of time working in Greggs, and eating jam doughnuts. I also went to the big chill for a day, where I saw Newton Faulkner, Paloma Faith and The Magic Numbers live, and.. bought a hat? yeah. Then, Hazel, Cat and I went to LLUNDAIN to see John Green and Sons of Admirals at Ice Father Nation. Which was such an important event that it's going to get its own paragraph. Right.. here. v

So we pretty much had to RUN to catch the train, with Hazel quietly sneaking out of work 15 minutes early, and me forcing my poor mother to drive at 80mph all the way to Newport. When we got off the train, we had to work out the quickest tube route to Aldgate East, which I think we may have failed impressively at. A combination of our ineptitude and poor-directions led us to be ever so slightly late to Ice Father Nation. Like, sufficiently late to not get into the actual venue. But, Nerdfighteria being awesome as it is, and John Green being spectacularly lovely as he is, John, Alex, Tom and Edd all came up and said that they would put on free events for us upstairs, because we couldn't get into the main event. Cue fangirling. Cat, Hazel and I somehow managed to be right at the front while John Green read from Paper Towns, which was AMAZING. A personal highlight being when John was just about to say that Santa isn't real, and quickly asked "wait, are there any young children in the audience?" and Cat raised her hand, and John laughed and was like "..you're old enough." Then we went into the other room and Alex, Tom and Edd played a quick acoustic set, and then I jumped in front of Tom and was like "hi, you're kind of amazing." whilst looking at my shoes. and he was like "..uhhh.. thanks?" and then I ran away. Then John came back and signed stuff for everyone. Then we returned to the crappy hostel in which we were "sleeping", before heading out shopping for the day in Camden market, where I bought a pocket watch and many other things that I probably didn't need but hey, I was in London, I had to buy SOMETHING. Then we got a coach back, that is the end of the london story, goodbye. ;D

Aussie guy went back to Australia fairly soon after that, and then the next day was Dan's 17th-Birthday-Party thing. Hazel, Cat, Dan, Alice (his then-girlfriend), Steve and I went bowling for it, and I made a portal-cake.. and then I won at bowling. I. WON. It was probably a fix.

THEN two days after that it was results day. which was a good day all round. All of my people got into their first-choice universities. I got AAAA*, getting into Cardiff :3 then we went OUT, for a meal first and then just out-out, to the gatehouse. t'was good times indeed. Shortly after that it was the 18th Birthday of one miss Caitlin Ernest, for which I made yet another cake; this time a strange multi-coloured concoction of raspberry and chocolate. Again, we went out, to the Gatehouse, and then Hazel & I dragged Caitlin to Cardiff, where we took her to the Doctor who exhibition, and then to the cinema to see Scott Pilgrim. WHICH WAS AMAZING. So amazing, in fact, that I went to see it AGAIN two days later with Dan, Steve, Aled and Bobbi. Speaking of FILLUMS, I then had a film-day with ben, whereby he forced me to watch Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Yeah. OKAY AUGUST PHOTOS NOW.


was, once more, largely work-y. the 4th was Ben's 20th Birthday, so I went out with him, George, Ju, Rich and a canvas of Jeff Goldblum, which was not at all a bizarre experience, not even slightly. I did a lot of shopping for uni-stuff, and spent a lot of money. Also, a lot of babysitting. There was a thoroughly terrifying camping party in a field with Ben and his friends, which involved large amounts of alcohol (for everyone except me, naturally), a cake, a campfire, too few clothes on the part of George and Ju and too little sleep for me. Then it was university time! I moved into my halls in Cardiff, which are tiny and ridiculous and a bit grotty, to be honest. I went to see Hazel in HER halls in Cardiff a few times, I spent some time with my flatmates (who are lovely, but not really my sort of people, so I don't really see them all that much any more), played some poker and spent some money. Oh, and kind-of-but-not-really started my course.


University started properly, with like, lectures. and deadlines. and the harry potter society. I went to freshers' ball, met a strange fellow from the internet by the name of Gears, Caitlin appeared and we went OUT, I spent three days being really, really ill, went home every single weekend, bought a lot of books, doodled my way through a lot of lectures, attended a hallowe'en party dressed as bellatrix lestrange, then went to work dressed as a witch, then went out for actual-hallowe'en dressed as a dalek. Oh, and I stalked Dan a lot.


so far this month, my phone has broken, I've spent a lot of time being a participant in psychological research, I've watched Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill turn on the Christmas lights in Cardiff, spent a lot of money on buses, purchased two nerdfighter t-shirts, dressed up as jessie from team rocket and filmed a video with hazel/james set to double trouble as a 'punishment' for a collab channel, been out with Caitlin and Hazel, and also with Hazel and her flatmates (with whom I shall be living next year), met an irish/scottish gay man called gary and a man known enigmatically as 'tuxedo man' and nothing more, been to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (which annoyed me to no end, but that's because I'm picky and way too attached to the books and I can't separate them in my head, so.), made cornflake cakes and cake and more cornflake cakes, failed to maintain a healthy diet of any form, and purchased a new coat. whew.


so, seeing as I have this ridiculous habit of never-posting-on-here, if you are actually interested in my life in any way (which would, presumably, be a result of you being completely mental), you can follow me on dailybooth, where you can read rambles like this every single day! accompanied by a picture! aren't you the lucky one. You can also go ahead and subscribe to the collab channel I'm part of with Hazel, Cat, Caitlin and Dan. I post videos every tuesday, but you should watch their videos too, because they're, uh, better than mine. OH, and you can add me on msn (bzarklapoosh@rocketmail.com) or skype (tumblebard).
okay. cool. laters.