Wednesday, 28 April 2010

cake, cake, severus cake. (um. no.)

hello again, imaginary readers :)

so it seems that I make a lot of cake. Every now and then I'll just decide to be nice, and bring a massive chocolate cake into school for no apparent reason. It's pretty much always the same cake, just with a different topping...
so today, because I have little else to do, I'm going to throw cake pictures and recipes at this blog.
Partly, at least, because I'll probably want to make them again, and forget how (despite them pretty much being the simplest cakes in the history of ever..).


The Chocolate Cake

before I start, I should probably say that I make cakes in MASSIVE quantities. Like, I'm feeding 10 people at least at a time, and all of these people pretty much eat an entire box of 50 strawberry whips daily, so. feel free to reduce quantities here.

12 oz stork margarine (the one that says 'perfect for CAKES' on the lid, because it is, yknow.. perfect for cakes.)
12 oz golden caster sugar (normal caster works too, but golden is kind of.. better..)
12 oz self-raising flour
6 medium eggs
300g dr oetker scotbloc milk chocolate cake covering.
large mixing bowl
2 large square cake trays (either greased, or with...
2 sheets of baking parchment to fit cake trays.)

preheat the oven to gas mark 4 (180°C)
put the margarine and sugar in a large mixing bowl, and mix using fork.
sift in the flour, and the eggs (obviously having removed the shell. um. I should stop stating the obvious.), mix.
melt the chocolate (I tend to use a microwave, taking about 2 minutes with intervals for stirring.)
pour the chocolate into the cake mixture...

...and mix.
then grease the two baking trays, or place baking parchment in each
and spoon half of the cake into each tray.
cooking time is always a bit of a mystery, especially as with cakes this size, they won't fit on the same shelf. I tend to wait half an hour, then move the cake on the top shelf to the bottom, and the cake on the bottom to the top, then put them back in.
To check if they're done:
(a) press down gently on the top,
(b) put a skewer into the middle,
(c) check if it comes away easily from the sides of the tin.
If the cake 'bounces' back up, the skewer comes out without any cake mixture on, and the cake comes away easily from the sides of the tin, it should be done.
place on a cooling rack for about an hour, then use icing to sandwich together, and ice the top.
(icing recipes are gonna be somewhere at the bottom :))

This cake had three types of icing - chocolate fudge, raspberry marshmallow fluff buttercream, and creme egg buttercream - as well as pretty much an entire packet of micro mini eggs, a lot of jelly diamonds, mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, and broken creme egg chocolate.

this one (despite its severe lopsidedness, obviously) had chocolate fudge icing, and marshmallow fluff buttercream, as well as jelly diamonds, smarties, jelly tots, and gummy worms.

this was actually my very first attempt at chocolate cake, and probably one of the best. again, chocolate fudge icing, and smarties. (I think they spelled out '+1 CAKE :)'...)

..interesting presentation. ;D but this is chocolate fudge icing, raspberry marshmallow fluff buttercream, and mini-meringues.

Strawberry Cupcakes

again, similar principles to the chocolate cake, in that this made 24 cupcakes, so feel free to scale it down a bit.

ingredients and utensils
8oz stork margarine
8oz caster sugar (regular this time, but golden would probably also work.)
8oz self-raising flour
4 medium eggs
150g strawberries
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp caramel syrup
vanilla essence
scarlet food colouring
large mixing bowl
cupcake tray (greased, or with...
cupcake cases)

preheat oven to gas mark 4 (180°C)
put the margarine and caster sugar in a large mixing bowl, and mix.
sift in the flour, and add the eggs. mix.
add a few drops of vanilla essence.. mix.
chop the green leaves off the strawberries, and place strawberries in blender with maple syrup and caramel syrup. Blend.
mix strawberry mixture into cake mixture, and add food colouring until mixture is an attractive colour.
prepare baking trays - I used a heart shaped baking tray, so instead of using cupcake cases I greased the tray with margarine.
spoon mixture (ideally equally) into cake cases or tray.

bake for approximately 20 minutes (I think mine took a bit longer, so I'd just check on them fairly regularly to see if they're done.)
remove from oven.

and ice..

for these cakes, most had raspberry buttercream, others had marshmallow fluff buttercream, and one had leftover chocolate fudge icing :)


Chocolate Fudge

Ingredients and utensils
150g stork
175g icing sugar
300g dr oetker scotbloc plain chocolate cake covering
1 tbsp vanilla essence
medium-sized mixing bowl

place the stork in a mixing bowl, and gradually sift in the icing sugar, mixing as you go.
melt the chocolate - I tend to use a microwave, approx. 2 minutes with stirring intervals in between.
mix chocolate into icing mixture
add tbsp vanilla essence
if mixture is too runny, sift in extra icing sugar to stiffen

Marshmallow Fluff / Creme egg / Raspberry

75g stork
175g icing sugar
4 tbsp marshmallow fluff (plain or raspberry)

6 creme eggs

approx. 15 raspberries

food colouring (scarlet if using raspberry marshmallow fluff, colour of your choice if using plain or creme eggs, unnecessary if using raspberries)
medium-sized mixing bowl

place stork in mixing bowl, and gradually sift in icing sugar, mixing as you go.

add fluff, 1 tbsp at a time, and mix in (it might be quite tough at first)
add food colouring.

break creme eggs in half, and scoop out fondant filling
mix into icing
add food colouring.

place raspberries in icing mixture
mash into icing and mix.

finally, have fun with decorations...

well, this has been an unnecessarily long blog post. :)
laters, alligators. x