Saturday, 26 December 2009

I am not a blogger.

Have you noticed? :)

Alright. Update taim? I can't be bothered to do photos, though, because that's just effort.
Right, so the last time that I actually did a 'this-is-what-is-going-on-in-my-life' post was August. Which was quite a while ago. But I'll try and do this anyway.

1. School started back. A-Levels. Scary, scary, scary stuff. I'm , somewhat unsurprisingly, doing Welsh, Classics, ICT and Psychology. It's effort.

2. I'm applying to uni. I said I would be, but, uhh.. I've actually sent it off. and.. had no responses whatsoever. At what point do I get to panic about this? It's probably soon, right? It's december. DECEMBER. D:
3. Me and Dean broke up- bad times. But we're still friends, and I'm going to see him on the 29th, so.. we'll see.
4. NEW FRIENDLINGS :o Basically, I got bored of just being a giant gooseberry in school, with gaytlin and gaytherine spending break and lunch with their respective boyfriends (lovely though I'm sure they both are, it's awkward. AWKWAAARD.) so I decided I was going to go and talk to new people. I know, I know. TERRIFYING. Which resulted in the stage people, who are mostly male, and in year 12. I'm pretty sure my main function there is to feed them all (I make cake. they eat cake. That's pretty much how it works) - but they haven't kicked me off the stage yet, so it's all good. (They did kick me off a table, but that's a story for another time.)

5. Dinner and Dance - which I was expecting to be thoroughly hellish, considering that once again, it was my friendlings and their boyfriends, and basically none of the stage peoples were going. BUT I WAS WRONG. It was a mega-good night :D turned out Amie was going, and I like Amie, and I do like Nat and Will, so I didn't entirely avoid Caitlin and Cat either. So s'all good. Right up until the point where the coach left us behind. Mmmm, useless school is useless. They still haven't done anything about that, actually. Oh dear.
6. YOUTUBE. I am now thoroughly addicted to youtube. That's pretty much all I've really been doing with my life for the past two months. Sadact, I know.

7. CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. Yesterday was Christmas, my little nublets, and it was a good day all round. I now own a compact camera (which I'll get on to in point 8, I'm sure), lots of new clothes, £220, and a small mountain of giftcards - anyone for pizza express soon? :3 So yeah. I have a lot of things to buy, though. Which I'll make a list of here, partly because no-one will actually read this (yay for everyone forgetting that blogs exist) and partly 'cause I'll forget something if I don't. So. I need:
  • A new SD card. Like, 4gb will do, I think? I don't know. I'm bored of only having 1gb, it's really, really rubbish.
  • Parrot Stories - Alex Day. I could really just buy this on iTunes, because I have a £25 gift card for that, but I'm stubborn and insisting that I absolutely must buy the physical CD- so buy the physical CD I will.
  • Cheap cheap cheap earbuds. Because my skullcandys are quite broken, and though they still work, I'd quite like to be able to listen to music on the train to portsmouth.. without looking ridiculous with my lopsided duct-taped headphones. Can't think why.
  • Some flat boots. I'm thinking leather and lace-up and studs and buckles and things? although I'd be equally happy with suede and pointy-ish and dusky-coloured. I just need flat boots.
  • A new dress. I don't really know why, It's just - I have money. I have GIFTCARD MOUNTAIN. I need a dress.
  • Johnny Durham t-shirt. Because I like t-shirts, and buying them is a fun thing to do. yeah.
  • A Moleskine. Squared, large. This is gonna be horribly expensive for a notepad, but, y'know- moleskine! :3
  • Cake ingredients. I need to make Dean a cake, shaped like a cat. Which is going to be: 1. Serious effort, and 2. SERIOUS EFFORT. ;D
  • Books - Paper Towns, an Abundance of Katherines, Let it Snow, Moab is my washpot, The time traveller's wife, and new copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Because #1 and #2 I don't have in hardback, and that just won't do, and #6 and #7 actually belong to my mother, and I'm not going to university next year without the full set of HP books.)

okay, and, 8. PROJECT 365. Because I've been telling myself I'll do this for sosososososoooo long. and I STILL haven't. So from 1/1/2010 (a bit hard to forget the date, there, right? That's what I'm aiming for) I'll be taking a photo, or a video, a day.. Until 1/1/2011. Hopefully I'll keep doing it then, too, because I really, really love having photos/videos. This is where the compact camera comes in handy - because I'm not really a big fan of carrying barnacle bernard everywhere I go (though I love barnacle bernard, he's bloody heavy, and I'm always slightly terrified that I'll drop him. again.

So, yeah. That's about it. I'll see you in another few months, Bloggy. In fact, I may actually do weekly updates here for project 365? This is normally the part I fail at, though - I can take the photos, fine, but actually PUTTING THEM ON THE INTERNET? that's just a step too far. *ahem*.

See you, invisible readers. :3