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life things! a list of them!

so, about three years ago I did a thing.
I say this - about three years ago I thought 'oh, doing this thing would be a great idea!', half-heartedly planned it, and didn't actually do it at all. I made a blog post about it, though, and that's what really counts. My plan, back in the land of naivete and laziness, was to set 101 goals for myself to achieve over the next 1001 days.

July 2009: the land of naivete, laziness, and sugary cereal
Naturally, most of the goals I set for myself were terrible, terrible ideas, or things that I didn't really want to do when I was 17, let alone now that I'm nearing 20. I ended up doing 58 of the 101 things, though, which isn't too awful. I guess.

Clearly, I am now a much more reasonable and sensible person, so I think this is a thing that I'd like to try again, and learn from the mistakes I made last time. So that's what I'm doing here. Right here. In this blog post. This one that you're reading. 

Today is Sunday June 17th, 2012, which makes the end date of this Sunday March 15th, 2015. I guess a reasonable way to start this would be to think about where I might be in 2015; I'll be 22, a year out of university. At the moment I'm intending to work for a year and then travel for a few months, but after that I'm not sure - so potentially, at the end of this I could be working, travelling, or in postgrad education somewhere (or, well, doing none of these things and being very sad, but I'm going to be hopeful, here!) I'll be editing this post as I go, so I guess future Dani can fill you in here.

Hopefully I'm going to do better at setting reasonable goals this time - but I'll be honest. I don't really think I'm a much more reasonable and sensible person, at least as far as future planning goes. I'm not making any promises here, but I really just want something to organise myself into hopefully doing something with my life. I am, however, going to leave some spaces free so that I can set some things over the next few weeks or months! So, on with the THINGS, I suppose.

17th June, 2012: presumably also the land of naivete.

A key
Completed things

Things in progress
Incomplete things
Things that can't or won't be done


a. Academic things (as an undergraduate) 
starting small and relatively near here: these are things that I want or need to achieve in the next year related to my undergraduate degree in psychology.
1. GRADUATE. Ideally with a first class degree. This one is sort of the whole point.
2. Pass second year. I realise this is technically cheating, given that I'd already taken these exams by the start date, but I like a nice simple start, and - well. I don't find out whether this has happened until the 28th, anyway.
(update (29/7/2012) - I averaged 69.67 for the year, which is a first! Yes good.)
3. Select modules for third year. Again, this is an inevitability - I'll have to do this when I enroll in August.
4. Over Summer, research final year project thoroughly. Basically, when I meet with Lewis in September, I want to know everything I possibly can about the subject and have a clear plan for the project. No pressure or anything, though. (hahaha, no.)
5. Be sensible about deadlines. Although I have actually managed to submit everything on deadline for the past two years, there are quite a lot of occasions where I've started writing at 4am when an essay's due at 12pm. This is stupid and a thing I would like to not do any more, so for every coursework assignment in third year I would like to (i) start writing at least a week before the deadline and (ii) have something that I can hand in (even if it's just a solid first draft) at least 24 hours before the deadline; also I want to make sure I start seriously writing the final project a month before deadline (if this is realistic) and have something to hand in a week before.
6. Be sensible about revision. Basically, I need to start revising at least a month and a half before any exams I might have. At least. AT LEAST.
7. 100% Attendance (or as close as reasonably possible). I'll be honest: currently, I don't actually attend lectures. I'd like to change this so that in third year, I only miss lectures when I have a valid excuse. (examples of valid excuses: I'm sick, There is a once-in-a-lifetime concert I don't want to miss; examples of invalid excuses: I'm sleepy, It's raining and I don't want to walk)

b. Love-and-stuff.
this is probably the section that I care most about. yep.
8. Be in a serious relationship of some kind. At the start of this I.. I'd like to believe I could be in the same relationship at the end of this as I am now. But I don't necessarily think it's realistic to set specific goals around one person, so I'll stick with this for now.
9. I have a fear to get over. I would like to get over it soon.

c. Friends, and otherwise being a sociable human being.
because these people are important, too.
10. Stay in touch with those three. I feel like this is actually a given - Caitlin, Hazel and Cat are a constant in my life, and I just want them to continue to be so. Especially because we're all potentially going to be living in different places by the time this ends.
11. Stay in touch with the housemates. This should be simple next year - movie nights, social gatherings, and other Cardiff things - but potentially gets more difficult after graduation. I'd really like to keep them around, though.
12. Stay in touch with Monmouth people. That's the stage, the guys, and anyone else I happen to have picked up along the way.
13. Make university friends. I feel like I haven't really made an effort in getting to know anyone on my course, and I'd really like to have some people I can talk to in lectures, or borrow notes from, or talk about work with.
14. Make post-university friends. This is a terrifying prospect that I cannot deal with right now.

d. Life skills
I do not currently feel like a competent, adult human being. This is a thing that I would like to change.
15. Prepare 100 different meals or courses from scratch. I was initially going to set this as 'buy a 100 recipes book and cook everything in it', but I thought it might be easier to be able to choose things myself. Meals, soups, cakes, pancakes, salads, breads, you name it - so long as there are 100 of them, they're all different, and I've made them myself. They don't all have to be things I've never made prior to setting this goal.
(I have so not been counting here! we're on like. 20ish probably.)
16. Have five 'signature dishes'. They can be simple or cheap, but by the end of these 1001 days I'd like to have 5 meals I wouldn't be nervous about cooking for other people.
(update (29/7/2012): I'm workin' on one.)
17. Take driving lessons, and pass my driving test. Because good luck getting a job without that one, yo.
18. Become confident and comfortable making phonecalls. This is not a thing that should terrify me, this is not a thing that should terrify me, this is not a thing that should terrify me.
19. Learn to sew. It would probably be helpful if I didn't have to depend on my mother every time I needed to alter clothes.
20. Become confident talking to academic staff. I would quite like to ask people for references without shaking, and ask questions about work, and speak in full sentences rather than squeaks. ("it takes me like, two weeks to send an email without having a panic attack" "yes, I am starting to realise that". oh dear.)
21. From the start of third year, become a person who is capable of managing finances. BUDGETING. Budgeting! Not using a credit card! BUDGETING!

e. Health and Wellbeing
I feel like this is relatively self-explanatory.
22. Have a skin/haircare routine. Stick to it. I just wanna be smooooth.
23. Eat healthily. I'm not going to stop eating sugary or fatty foods, but I'd like to limit myself to a reasonable amount per day, snack on fruit instead wherever possible, eat at least two meals most days, and drink water instead of pop most of the time.
(update (29/7/2012): breakfast! breakfast is a thing that apparently I can do! weird.)
24. Exercise daily. I don't mean a lot - just half an hour of walking will do.
25. Look after yo' teeth. Brushing twice a day for two minutes each is a given already, but dental checkups! flossing! becoming one of those people! I think I have had enough of fillings forever, thank you.
26. Sexual health. Just be a sensible human being, okay?
27. Medical checkups. Be registered with a doctor. Know where that doctor is. Go and see that doctor! If I get letters about screening, GO. Go! Be sensible! SENSIBLE.

f. Work and things
28. Volunteering and retail experience. Any time that I'm unemployed and not studying or travelling, I'd like to volunteer in a charity shop. Firstly, because retail experience is probably a useful thing to have on a CV, Secondly, because boredom sucks a whole bunch, and finally because warm fuzzy helping feels.
(update (29/7/2012): Cancer Research UK is a pretty okay place to work.)
29. Volunteering and career-related experience. Further CV-building stuff here: Cardiff university has a lot of student volunteering options that can be related to my field of study, and it would probably be helpful to have some work experience related to psychology on my CV.
30. Get a job. Not a career job, just a saving money for after university and travelling job.
31. Write a CV. A fleshed out and positive CV that makes me sound like a professional, employable person.
32. Look the part. Ensure that I have a suitable outfit for any job interviews I might have to attend.

g. Travel
I would like to go places and experience things. Partly because this means putting off the real world for a bit longer, and partly because things are exciting.
33. Travel to all of the bits of Great Britain. Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. All of them.
34. Travel somewhere with friends. I feel like this is maybe self-explanatory.
35. Travel somewhere alone. This doesn't have to be too far - Just for one day, even, so long as it's somewhere new and purely recreational.
36. Travel in Europe. at least one mainland European country! at least one! come on now.
37. Visit another continent. any of the other continents. Any of them.
38. Spend at least three months either
       (i) in America
(to include route 66)
       (ii) in Thailand (possibly teaching English as a foreign language)
       (iii) inter-railing across Europe.
       (iv) travelling in some combination of these.
39. Take 50 train journeys.
Swim in the sea. It's been far too long since I've done this and yeah, sads.

h. Blogging and other forms of life documentation
I like keeping records of stuff. Keeping records of stuff is a nice thing to do.
41. Take 5000 photographs. This is a thing that I managed to do in 2008 alone, but I've gotten out of the habit. I'd like to get back into it. (webcam photos don't count here).
42. Continue to dailybooth continuously. If dailybooth goes down, or if internet access is not a possibility, I want to continue taking a photo of myself and writing something daily.
43. Food blogging/journalling. Linked to thing #15; take a photo of, or at least write down, every one of the 100 things cooked. Even if it's a horrible, horrible failure.
44. Ten disposable cameras. I really like being surprised looking back at old photos, and film cameras make this a lot easier. I want to use up ten disposable cameras in this time period.
45. Buy a travel journal and use it. 
46. Keep up this blog. I want to update on progress on this thing, and maybe occasionally just give life updates. Because most of the posts here are hideously embarrassing, but reading them back is so nostalgic and fun. Updates at least monthly.
47. Keep tickets. Specifically, train and plane tickets. I want to know where I've been.

i. Music, books, films and things
this is a section for things I want to read and watch and see live and yes.
48. Go to at least 20 gigs. I don't know whether this is achievable or not, but..
49. See Fun. live. I had tickets for their May show and I had to miss them because of exams, which was thoroughly depressing, so I sort of want to make up for that.
50. See Laura Marling live. It's been like four years I should probably do something about this obsession.
51. See Regina Spektor live. Ditto.
52. Go to a music festival. No, Monmouth doesn't count.
53. Attend every day of Monmouth Music Festival 2012. Also other years, if I'm in Monmouth at the time.
54. Have the complete Thrice discography. They've been my favourite band since I was thirteen so it seems a bit baffling that this isn't something I've done already.
55. Discover at least 10 new bands. New music! good things!
3/10 st, lu, rad
56. Read 25 books unrelated to my degree. This feels like a low estimate for such a long time, but I'm spectacularly lazy when it comes to reading.
57. Finish reading "Dude, you're a fag" because gender and treatment thereof are really interesting.
58. Watch 25 films. Again, not a thing I usually do. Movie nights, though!
59. Go to Hay Festival. While I can still get student tickets. Next year.

j. Things I want to own
I like stuff.
60. Kitchen things! Chopping boards that aren't horrifying! A pastry brush! Mixing bowls! pans!
61. A new camera. Barnacle Bernard is lovely but he's getting a bit old and creaky, and I'd like a mid-range nikon dslr to take over most of his duties.
62. A new laptop. Because Thaddeus is falling apart.
(update (29/7/2012): hello there, Clarissa. How are you doing?)
63. Organise my underwear. I just want to be a person who matches and wears bras that fit, is this too much to ask?
64. A tent. This just seems like a sensible and useful thing.
65. At least 10 warm jumpers. Winter clothes are a thing I have avoided a lot and I should fix this.
66. Three pairs of good quality jeans that fit. My current count here is 1. Hm.
67. Foundation that matches my skin and does not do horrible things. Basically, expensive.
68. Store cupboard ingredients for cooking. Oils, spices, curry pastes..
69. Plain, coloured vans/converse oxfords. Give me casual, giiiiiive it to me.
70. Dusky purple suede boots. I have wanted these since 2007 so I feel like maybe I should just buy them..

k. House and living
....I feel like maybe these section descriptions aren't always necessary.
71. Have a clean bedroom. This isn't a thing I'm particularly good at, but I want my bedroom to be thoroughly clean at least once a week.
72. Decorate the 2012-2013 house's bedroom. In a way that isn't a creepy photographic shrine to my life.
73. Keep. Communal. Areas. Clean. IMPORTANT.
74. Do not live with parents. I just really do not want this.

l. Things to learn about
Not strictly related to university. I'm just curious.
75. Gender. I want to know a lot more about this. A lot more.
76. Sexuality. Uh-huh.
77. Politics. Basically, when I tell my mother that her political views are awful, I want to be a lot more clear in backing them up.
78. Linguistics. People! Words! Interesting! eep!

l. Miscellaneous
79. Own a pet.
If in a financially stable position where this would be a reasonable and responsible thing to do. If not, this is a free space.
80. Dip-Dye my hair. I want to let my hair grow slightly longer than I might usually, bleach the ends, and then dye them purple and pink. Then, when I decide this was an awful idea, cut them off.
81. Find an amazing bad-tv related costume. I have created a bad tv theme for my birthday party and oh god I have no idea how to stick to it.
(update (29/7/2012): Salem. Salem. Yes.)
82. Complete all of the crash bandicoot games. My childhood, my childhood just isn't done yet.
83. Clear out my wardrobe and sell or donate anything I won't wear. I have too much stuff.
(update (29/7/2012): I donated about 50 things to CRUK. Presumably this is one that will go on and off repeatedly, though.)
84. Thoroughly back up both laptops. This is a thing I should really get around to doing..
85. Take down the photo wall. the time has come.
86. Wallpaper and paint the monmouth bedroom. Because taking down the photo wall will basically just be destruction.
87. Watch sunrise five times. on purpose.

88. Buy the sims 3. is a totally reasonable life goal and I am not grasping at straws here.
89. Back up all of my dailybooth photos. sssssssssssseriously.
(update (29/7/2012) I think they're all currently backed up SOMEWHERE, but this is going to be an In Progress until I get the red laptop back and make sure they're still on there, and also until I stop boothing (which won't be until dailybooth shuts down, so))
90. Experiment more with light graffiti. This was a really cool thing and yeah I wish I'd done more of it so :)
91. Make a good impression on George's parents. Yes, I do think I will need all 1001 days to do this.
(update (29/7/2012) apparently they like me?!)
92. Complete a TEFL course. Life plans! Decisions! Wow!
93. Organise my grandparents' photos. I've been putting this off for far too long, too. Hundreds of photos from the 1940s onwards that should definitely be scanned in and stuff.
94. Back up all of my dailybooth blurbs. It's a diary, so I'd really like to keep the entries for this.
95. (free space)
96. (free space)
97. (free space)
98. (free space)
99. (free space)
100. (free space)
101. At the time of completion, be either:
        (i) in postgraduate education
        (ii) travelling
        (iii) in full-time, career-related employment.

Okay dorks let's see how this goes.

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