Tuesday, 18 August 2009

the universe just vanished out of sight

on a scale of one to extremely lazy..

Okay, okay, i'm doing it. UPDATE TAIM.

so.. i'm not even sure where i last left off, photos-wise it was at the kymin, but did i give descriptions of what'd gone on since then? I think not. it's fine. Ok, so, it was my birthdayyy on June 25th, i.e. the day after i last did a proper updatey-post. So I am now 17. wheeeeeee :3
not that this makes any difference to my life whatsoever, really. seeing as I'm not intending to learn to drive, because i have no money at all (yayyy, parents with unskilled jobs.. yayyy, monmouth places not wanting to employ me..), and also because i live in monmouth. I have buses to newport and trains to everywhere else. it's all fiiine. FIIINE i tell you. In fact, the only difference being 17 seems to make is that i seem to be less believable when i say i'm 15. which makes train tickets considerably more expensive. Oh, yay. Annnyyway, on my 17th birthday I dragged dean, hazel and cat to birmingham university's open day, which was basically complete and utter PANTS. both psylology, and drama.. the lecturers were robots. horrendously boring robots. Remind me to never go there, ever. Oh, but it's all alright, cause hazel made cupcakes and they had smiley faces on :) :)
and.. yknow.. this.

then there was a mega epic sunset and i had fun dancing around being a failtard. yes.

this photo won a competition in shoot nations :) :)

thenn, it was my birthday party. Which resulted in this:


and finally, when we eventually woke up, this:

umm then some stuff happened and whooshhh.. then it was york :) yeah, apparently this blog is going to be a run-down of all the university open days i've been to. so.. two of them, then. this time it was me and cat, then dean, tegan, and dan.

..apparently it was rainy when we were on the train.
York itself was crazy amounts of awesome, as well as being filled with canadian geese(o.O?).. the university was exactly what i want, anddd the city was nice too. win win, right? there was even an awesome park thing going on:

obviously demonstrated well there.

we also got severely lost for an hour and a half walking around a corner.

and found a fluffy version of kitten!:

so much want ^
Also, yorkshire is nice.

there was also hereford:

thennn it was will's (catherine's boyfriend's) party. which was made of fail and rooves and silhouettes and drunk people i didn't (care to) know. yup.
he also had nice cats.

also, spot caitlin's boyfriend in this ;D

and some assorted sanity..

and some rain.

thennn i ran away to the isle of wight for two weeks, watched two carnivals, got up at sunrise, went to the beach at 11pm, saw a woman walking a cat (on a lead, naturally), made dough, and played copious amounts of halo 3.

thenn i spent a long time doing nothing:

then we went to the beach :)

and thats about it, other than results day (AAABC, how i passed maths I don't know :D)
see you in another 903483094890324 years, bloggy.