Tuesday, 5 May 2009

this is positive. POSITIVE. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg.

long time no see, bloggy. 
Well, I probably have about two trillion photos to point at, effort is effort is effort is effort is effo- you may see where I'm going with this. I have exams in less than two weeks (Psylololology in one week and one day, HALP) so obviously it's entirely logical to be writing a blog right now. yup.

I'm considerably cheerier than I was when I last wrote a blog, probably because I've been doing work through break and lunch A LOT.. which means there are less people. and less people means less people talking about laura and lydia and failix. and less people talking about laura and lydia and failix means me in a better mood. (this may however only be a correlation; perhaps it is the pigeons nesting in my front garden who are to blame for my cheery mood of late).

I need to go for a walk. It's may and it's sunny and I need to go for a long, long walk and get lost and take photos of places I've never been to and listen to music and sit in fields (and revise in fields, that's logic right?) and I want there to be yellow fields and wheat and hide and seek and the ice cream man and a new never ending path. But I can't because I know Monmouth too well, with the discovery of the benches i've been everywhere. It's a lot harder to get lost when you know where you're going. I need to go the other way on neverending path, because I really don't want it to be never ending path any more, I want to know where it ends. But that doesn't work because it will take hours and I don't have hours, I have exams, and I have the people in watery lane probably worrying about the strange large-haired girl who walks up and down their street weekly. I am so bored of Monmouth. 

My welsh coursework is finally actually done, though. This is positive (and for once, I actually mean that). I put in a page of sheeny shiny pictures to distract from the fact that there were only about 5 pages of actual work, apparently that worked quite well, because knellephant said I got an A. Along with everyone else in the known universe, excluding Callum. Who got a B. I liked my page of pictures, though, my welsh class spent like 10 minutes staring at them and saying nice things, it was ridiculously confusing - these are the people who've been ignoring me for the past 8 months, and suddenly they are complimenting me? whuuutt. I don't know why I'm telling you this, bloggy, it isn't like anyone who I haven't already told will read this. lulz.

Ohh yes. Did I mention my mother? my mother is currently not talking to me. In fact, in her own words, she has 'disowned' me. would you like to know what horrendous crime I have committed in order to make my own mother disown me? I have said that I didn't want baked beans on toast for dinner. Bloody hell, I may as well have stabbed the dog. and put my foot through the television. How on earth I could have said such a thing! ...oh, wait. 

errmm, I might actually do some psylology revision now (cognitive interviews are designed to increase the accuracy of eyewitness testimony) because I really just should. Psylology revision with a banana split. and gummi bears as a topping. As suggested by Nigel Holt, pigeon lecturer extraordinaire. Ohh yes, psylols revision conference. Basically just Caitlin and Catherine and Psylology for the entire day. I have learned two things, one is that I want to go to Bath Spa university, and the second is that Type A personalities are those who win at life, and as a result, it's only fair that they die early of heart disease. (as quoted from a senior psylology examiner. Do you think I should write it in the exam? I am so tempted.)

Yussssssss. I leave you, O merry readers (of which there are none; the last time my blogs had any comments was several trillion years ago, even though I always comment on ALL of yours, yes EVERY SINGLE ONE
HAZEL GUPPY. You heard me.. where was I? Oh yes. I leave you with some photos that make no sense. Or in fact photos that do. I don't know, I can't really be bothered to decide right now.

this is the last place in Monmouth. I used to go there with my grandmother and her dog, but I lost it a long while ago, along with them. Now it is found and it may be my favourite place here.

this is the same place. yup.

this is Catherine, but perhaps it is not. It kinda reminded me of all the photos my nan had from the 1970s (Scanning in the rest when I find the scanner again!) this picture makes me smile.

This may be my favourite photo of late; I adore that setting and that dress and and and.

This one is Hazelys, but I love it. s'meeeeeeeee. It only works cause you can't see my face ;D
and finally..

wheeee :)


    Oh dear to that last photo.

    And I really should be psylologying it up too, just psylology seems miiiiiiiiiiiiiles away when I think 'musicexamthrusdaymusicexamthursday' D:
    I'd much rather be revising psylology than failing at practicing my guitar.

    Also we should go for walks at TRELLECH. TRELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLECH.
    It is not Monmouth and you have never explored there.
    le fin.

  2. yes'd to trellechhhh :) CHHHHHHHHHHH that is a bad noise I should really stop making it.


    ...yeah you're called hazzlebeans now. honestly.

  3. i think you'll find it's the increase of people in Britain that have swine flu that may be the cause (or effect?) of your positive mood :)

  4. hazzlebeans?
    i..er..okay.. :)

    swine flu is both the cause and the solution to all our problems.
    mr rees did a presentation about swine flu with us the other day in media. did I mention how much I love The Sun? :)

  5. Oh yes. I think you may have, it is bloody fantastic.

    ...my uncle has decided my room is the original source of swine flu.
    whether that means pigs live there or it's mexico or what, iunno.

  6. lol at swine flu "ZOMG IT WILL KILL THE WORLD!!!!111one3gjeo" attitude.

    pretty photos, but agreed we need to find more places for funsies.