Wednesday, 20 May 2009

If I open my eyes

it appears that everything kind of made sense all along. I think I've sorted my head out.

ps - hazel, maybe i just wanted to say camear, alright?


  1. I would like you to elaborate.

    and yeah, of course you did.. I'm watching you *narrow eyes*...

  2. what do you mean everything made sense all along?
    yeah elaborate please :)

  3. ohh, thank you! :D

    i diiiid... hm, let me think. on the epic paper, i did the question with the underworld extract, and then the 'like father like son' essay question.
    then on the tragedy paper i did oedipus (mistake!) and the bacchae essay question.
    i thought it was soooo hard, and nothing like i expected!

    what about you? :) x

  4. wowwww, the agamemnon question? really? what on earth did you write for that? i looked at it and was just like '.............uhhmm??!', haha :)

    the bacchae is the only one i HAVE read :D x