Saturday, 30 May 2009


yup, i'm still alive, it's all good :D

i can do a photos post, finally! desktop, how i've missed you! mm, so i've finally found the other memory cards for barnacle bernard, as well - this means i can take 500 photos instead of 150, whoaaa, this is madness 8-)

also, i've been making cakes! cakes, and rocky road. and everything else, ever. I find it amusing that the only time i venture into the kitchen is to make tooth-rotting goodies.

hmm, so since last blog, i have
- had a C2 exam; dear god i failed so hard,
- had a classics exam, which felt like a bit of light relief after c2.. that was three hours long, though, and i emerged with no right hand, but a claw :)
- went to the isle of wight to visit dean :D there was an epic ice cream parlour, it had ferrero rocher ice cream. best. ice cream. ever. It was basically the exact thing I want to own, when i'm much much much older, haha. also spent quite a while playing portal.. i am now truly sad, because i know where 'the cake is a lie' comes from.
- made cakes. CAKES. and rocky road.
- my friends converted to the i can has cheezburger religion. I disowned them.
- went on an alice-in-wonderland themed shoot with catherine. I say 'shoot'.. it was just catherine, me and hazel in a field.. with catherine dressed as alice in wonderland? yeah; s'fine. :)


this was the only one of my catherine-on-a-tree photos that was even vaguely in focus. srsly.

she's all pretty ^^

alice-y :)

i love him i love him i love him :)

see above comment :)

flutterby! :)

kitten is so awesome. :)

i like birds, especially when they are in my garden :)

i'd just like to point out that hazel and catherine are epic.

...this is a cake. shaped like kon.


    that is all.

  2. I have an urge to make rocky road now
    And I can't
    Cause it's half 10 at night D:

  3. i love your lion cake! :D

    it was lots of fun, yeaaah :) how come you couldn't come? x