Tuesday, 19 May 2009

come in to my world, i've got to show, show, show you

hai guiseeee, I don't seem to have been blogging much at all recently. Iunno, everything's been fairly boring and mildly pants, really. Exams are, well, they're fun. I think they've been going alright so far? nowhere near as sure of myself as I was at GCSE, though. GCSE I almost expected my results; AS-levels I'm expecting Bs at best for most.. and maths, well. We'll just have to see how the exam goes, but I'm thinking a D if I'm lucky, a C if some form of magical cheating is involved.. this is good. this is positive. I'm getting an E in maths.
Then there's life generally. Which I can't seem to help comparing to this time last year. And this time last year was bloody cheerful, really. I recall frisbee and dancing and the ice cream man and being excited about going to see dean, and most importantly, everyone actually liked eachother. I miss that, a lot. I guess I don't rely on it as much as I did then, though, at least.. At least there's dean, 164 miles away though he is.
I want laura back.
But I suppose all is not that bad. I get to see dean in four dayss :) :) the isle of wight is such a nice place to escape to, i think i'd like it almost as much even if dean wasn't there. That and, friday is my last exam for two weeks. Which means FREEDOMMM. and walks, and getting lost. mm, i can't even decide whether i'm excited for summer or not! I suppose if things aren't fixed it might be a little awkward, but.. SUMMER :) ahh..
hmmm.. i really need to properly clean out my desk and stuff so i can revise tonight, but effort is really effort.. I also need to take more pictures! but, alarse, (yes, alarse, its a real word now, alright?) my failputer has turned into, well, a failputer. Leaving me with the laptop. Which is six years old. and has no disk drive. or ram. this is fantastic, clearly. Because I definitely can connect my camera to it (it can't deal with a camear without a disc, for some reason..), and i definitely can use psp.
...I miss the failputer.

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  1. camear! TYPO!
    and summer will be good, but next summer will be better.
    sfine. lets just live it as it comes (Y)