Wednesday, 11 March 2009

oh, there was magic in the air, i swear.

apparently my obsession with Amy Macdonald is still going. Or perhaps just with her lyrics; I don't seem to have listened to any music in the past week.
I think I may have gone mad.

mm, I definitely didn't just get distracted there, and open iTunes. Almost forgot I was writing a blog in the first place ._.
Today was a really, really odd day. A full day, kind of like every day (apparently that's what you get for taking 5 subjects at AS level DDD< ), and I had form period first, and we're supposed to be doing some key skills qualification? I can't claim to particularly want to do it, but apparently we have no choice. fantastic. Our group are doing it on pro-ana websites and communities and that's just weird in itself, really. Then I had ICT, and cowton was in an epic, epic mood. He was basically just throwing people's work around, yanking a mouse out of the back of the computer, screaming at us for not doing very well.. It wasn't really sane. I got half marks for both the projects he handed back, but they were only out of 10 in total, so overall I've only lost 5 marks in the whole of my coursework, and I don't think that's all that bad.. Break was just buying food, that's basically it. Pizza sandwich.. I really think I should weigh a lot more than I do, all I seem to eat is fat and sugar. I mean, bread, tomato, cheese, streaky bacon? just not good at all. Welsh was just, well, welsh.. I actually handed in some work on time, the knellenator almost had a heart attack, it was fantastic. She didn't even care that it was printed on the back of the sheet upside-down.. It was lunch that was really, really weird though. A teacher started crying like a five year old at the start of lunch.. I'm not really sure what happened at all, I just know that I walked outside (I just found the situation so amusing - she really did look like she was 5. Normally she's terrifying.. does that make me a bad person? >.<) and when I came back in she had completely regained composure and was looking really strict again. I'm pretty much sure that I imagined it by this point. Classics was kind of just the usual weirdness, it just.. happens. And then it was psylology. We're studying abnormality at the moment, and basically every single psylology lesson is convincing me further that I've gone completely and utterly mad. Okay, that probably doesn't sound as odd as it seemed. I may well have missed out or forgotten the important parts. ...and now for something completely different. Yesterday, Cat and I went for a photoshoot in our free last thing. There weren't as many photos as I'd have hoped (Catherine had drama after school D<) but the lighting was fairly epic. They were meant to fit the themes 'fashion' and 'emotion'. yeah. here are my favourites:

Catherine is fantastic. :)
uhmm, I've also realised I haven't posted my landscape-task-picture! So I shall do that now.

mm, i love watery lane so much. Don't understand how it can be so close to my house (literally about 5, 10 minutes walk) and be that nice. Admittedly, the best parts are a biiit further away, but yeah.

Anyway, that's it for today. Shoulld be having another photoshoot tomorrow, in the middle of the day, so pictures tomorrow? perhaps. :P


  1. Being a model is hella fun, despite the rusty nails that are all pointy and scary. (:

  2. also, how many stickers do I owe you now?
    I'll bring them tomorrow for your chart. (:

  3. ..and now for something completely different.
    i'm proud of you.

    also, no fair D< srsly, SLR AND photoshoots? i hate you.

  4. I wondered if you'd pick up on that, Hazel :P

    and sorrryyyy.
    and Catherine, well, trillions.

  5. those photos are epic ^^

    and dont worry. psycho has also convinced me i should see someone...

    about you :P