Sunday, 8 March 2009

If the robots win we'll have to listen to techno

heck no, heck no, i'll never listen to techno.

okay, that's all, bye.

..that was a lie. Umm, I have another few weeks to catch up on, (I am so bad at blogs. so bad.)
My life is very rarely interesting enough for blogging. Well, either that or I'm too bored to type about my life. Which would imply that my life is not interesting enough for blogging. yesss.
I should probably start with paint. mmhm, paint.
Basically, I painted Catherine's face. I'm sure she loved it. yup. I mean, who wouldn't love being coated in paint? ...This is normally the point where people say "oh yeah, I wouldn't", or maybe that's just me, but I actually did get coated in paint later. and it was actually quite fun. So I should probably just shush now. yessssssssssss. ICE CREAM. ahem.

here are some pictures. yussssss.

...this is painty catherine. yesssssssss.

...this is painty me. also blurry, but that isnt the point.

...and this is painty me AND painty catherine. uh-huh.

and then there was never ending path. I love never ending path. Me and caitlin went there in summmerrr, and it was awesome. Its just a path, with some woods and some fields and an old lodge (which we only noticed this time) and its on an epic hill and has epic views and epic epicness. I love it. We spent quite a while just sat in a field eating, really, but there are, of course, photos. So here they are. yusssss.

this is hazel, in a field, with a guitar. yusss.

this is never ending path :)

this is the lodgey place :)

this is laura being cuuute :)

this is caitlin being prettyyy :)

these are some entirely relevant flowers.

this is just a normal photo of us. yup.

as is this.

panorama is panoramic.

Annndddd that was that. yep.

On saturday I went shoppping. yeah. I'm now posting about shopping. I bought some shiny new school shoes (and when I say shiny, I mean it literally)..

also, big eye, but ill post a blog on this later, because i have an EPIC headache. epic.

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  1. This blog is the best!
    Relevant flowers are relevant.
    So good. So good.
    You make me wide-eyed in wonder which is a place I like to be. So thank you!!
    Much love