Thursday, 5 February 2009

snow snow snow snow snow

yeah, i got bored of the large list of things just at the point where they were about to become relevant. Typical of me, really.

So anyway. Catherine and I have started doing the a-photo-every-day-for-a-year thing. yup. Since the second of February for me, and the Third for Catherine (which also happens to be Catherine's birthday). To be honest, Im currently far, far, FAR too lazy to give each day so far it's own blog post (effort is effort, effort is something I do not enjoy.)



School finished early for snow - actually epic - and it was good and things. yup. :) :)

this probably has to be photo of the day - it was so much effort; like 20 tries or something mad like that? but I'm going to say it was worth it. (Me on the left, Catherine on the right).
Although, this one also gets a mention:


Snow dayyyy :) me and cat met up and went and did snowy things in the snow, with some snow and snow. yup. (snowy things happened to include half freezing to death whilst posing for lookbook photos. Also good, I promise.) Vauxhall fields looked all white, it was lovely. :)


My father's birthday. Yeah, a busy week of funs. We actually had a full day of school today (how disappointing) but it meant I got to bring in Catherine's epic epic epic cake. And everyone ate it, yup.

This photo is from a classics lesson, and yeah, im not in the photo, but I did take it, so im quite proud of it :P

Yeah, kind of win right? That's apparently the 'birthday hat'. I don't really see it myself. but yeah.

ps - good photo of the cake to be uploaded here. yup.


Snow day again :) I love it. spent most of today inside, to be fair. I did however make a very very small snowman. And me and Catherine went to pizza express. mmm, pizza. Snowman's still there, but all the other snow in my garden has melted.

laters :)

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  1. How comes Caitlin's blog isn't in your blogroll? :o

    ps - I still have snow at my house :)