Saturday, 21 February 2009

hello bloggerrrrr.

So I've been meaning to post about a billion posts, but, well.. I'm lazy. So I haven't. Yes, that excuse is good enough. I promise.
It's likely I'll just put them all in this post. So prepare for one very, very long post. Giving up reading things halfway through is fun, right?

So my last post was at the start of february? Okay. I have about 2 weeks to make up. I can do that. It's fiiine.

Catherine's Party.
yes, this is epicly late. Epicly. But it's fine.
Ermm, It was Catherine's 17th birthday.. 18 days ago. And she had a party. I say party. I mean sleepover. It's the same thi- no.
It was fancy dress and the theme was decades. yup. You have no idea how much I wanted to go in a costume made of tinfoil and say I was from the future, apparently that would have been 'weird', though :( :(
So, we have:
1950s: Catherine

1960s: me.

yeah, guitar hero reallly goes with 1960s. It's fine.
1970s (punk): Hazel.

1980s: Laura.

yup. There weren't all that many photos anyway.

On a different, and completely unrelated note, I walked to the shop about five minutes ago. And I didn't bring my coat. And I was too warm. This cannot be britain, where am I? o.O

No. Back to blogging, silly, silly mind.

I've been taking photos more recently :) I'm never going to catch up to my record with my last camera, though :( :(
It's been six months since I've had barnacle bernard (my camera - nikon d40), and I've just broken 1000 photos taken with it.. my last camera I had for seven months until it broke, and I took.. 10000. It broke on the same day as the 10000th photo. I'm going to assume that was a coincidence.

Sun makes me smile. yup.
Oh, and I recall mentioning something along the lines of a photo a day? Yeah. I failed. A lot.
I managed 6 days. DDD:

I'll try again sometime! I willl! Maybe on my birthday. Or something.
lazy lazy lazy.


Umm, and, Hereford! yup.
I bought a new jumper, from H&M.. which I might do an outfit post for if I can be bothered. Which I probably won't.
And yeah, here are some photos of hereford (including one outfit post! ahahah, seee, I am a lookbook tard really)

yup, that's what I wore. uh-huh.

Yeaah. We aren't tards. not AT ALL.

I'm good at not getting bored on buses. It's fine. (This was actually written backwards, so people outside could read it. because they were so clearly looking.)

And then there was the Isle of wight, where I went to see my boyfriend, Dean:

this picture makes me smile so much :) he's such a tard, I love him :) :)

Also, he lives by the beach. I mean, godsake. How come I don't get to live by the beach? hmm? hmmmmm?

The marks on this picture annoy me so much. I didn't realise there was stuff on my lens until I saw these on the computer DDD:

and this! urgh, I am so jealous :(

Also, he has cats. CATS. I have dogs. They're nice, but I wish I had a cat. Well. A kitten, called Cocoa. Yeah, I haven't planned this, not at all.
I lost a game of hide and seek on thursday, to kitten. (yeah, his cat is called kitten.) grrr.

isn't she just cute? I want one.

Also, this:

ahaha. kitten is awesome.

Yup, I think that's about all I've done in those two weeks, so, er.. byeee :)

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