Monday, 26 January 2009

I have apparently been putting off posting forevs.

So this is a list of things I have done in my life ever. And photos. and more photos. and yup. Apparently this blog is made entirely of photos? I don't know, I think I'm rather obsessed.

So, first, I was thinking about how much people change.. mainly in appearance, but that's simply because I don't remember my thoughts from several years ago.. so yeah.
here are some years and stuffs.

AGE 11

AGE 12

AGE 13

AGE 14

AGE 15

AGE 16

there are billions more, especially for 15 and 16, I just tried to do them as close to yearly increments as I could.. I find age 13 and below quite lolworthy. (:

So I've realised recently that me and my minio-friends.. have done lots of ridiculous things. And I have many many photos of them. and I've put them just about everywhere else, so here seems like an appropriate place too. yup. I'd try and do chronological order, but it's just far too much effort, really.
Soo, I recall having gone to paris, once upon a time. Good times, indeed, although rather long ago. And the food was disgusting, but that's what you get for school trips in year 9, I suppose.

I had so many photos from that trip, but this is the only one that wasn't a blurfail. or edited to have a filmstrip border. I was good at holding cameras still in year nine. (this is why this photo was stolen from holly, yup). Also, my hair was black then. I lol, I lol. I think this is the only photo of me with black hair. I think it's clear to see WHY that's the only photo of me with black hair.
I don't think I actually did anything else, at all, in year 9. Other than, of course, that brilliant hallowe'en, where everyone was dressed as pirates. Other than harri, who was dressed as, er.. a box? Even I didn't understand that. It was startlingly brilliant, though. There might be a photo. I hope there's a photo. I'll look for a photo. Please be a photo. I appear to be procrastinating, I should be looking for a photo, not typing about photos. STOP HANDS STOP STOP STOP.

It appears that I found a photo. Errmm... all I really remember of this was being told we were too old by an old man. That was about all that happened, I think. And that sums up year 9.

Nyeaahh, I'll come back to this later.


  1. will you, though? will you?
    of course I realise if you do then this comment will make no sense.

  2. Well it's a good thing I will then, isn't it. (:

    ps - are filters are computers are not are exist are?

  3. oh, never mind, 1:22 is not 1:22. :(

  4. Actually I was at school, and no, filters are still up, just blogger wasn't filtered. Even though I thought it was. But I'm not complainin'.

  5. Blogger isn't filtered at monmouthhhh either.
    But if there are swearwords it is :(

  6. you've failed at blog continuation.