Tuesday, 13 January 2009

After solving the global warming problem, with couscous..

I bought some new shoes from asos, they are lovely lovely lovely and I fall over when I walk down stairs now. For serious, it's terrifying. I walk like a really really startled tortoise in them (tortoise = slow, yeah? I don't grow a shell. that'd be ridiculous.)

*lalalala im going to put a picture here*

I spent literally hours playing gourmet chef on my mother's nintendo ds (oh yes, I am cool. really, really cool. yeah.) and as a result I decided to cook dinner. this from someone who melted a pizza once. a frozen pizza.
...I call my dish 'chicken bacon tomato pepper gloop with pasta'. It's brilliant.

I uploaded billions of photographs to facebook. which no-one can be bothered to look at.
By billions, I mean about 900. It's brilliant, I promise.

these are some of my favourites:


  1. thankyou for saying you would invite me to lookbook.
    my email is jess-summer@hotmail.co.uk


  2. Why is there nowhere to click "follow this blog" ?
    Cause I've done that for both Leigh's and Hazel's... :(